We have a sandbox environment with it's own separate master that we test
states on. We keep custom grain files on them we can use to imitate other
On Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 1:50 PM, Markus Uckelmann wrote:

Hi all,

I wanted to ask you out there how you test your salt setup? The thing is
that I can't find anything useful about this subject related to Salt.
Maybe my ignorance is showing now. But if that's the case then I'd like
to be enlightened ;)

What I'm specially interested in are the following subjects:

Does it compile? Any Syntax-Errors?

Something like a smoke test I guess. Currently I use a Docker container
which I run with "test=true". This is the fastest method I could come up
with. This is very helpful when developing formulas and I just want to
see if I made any typers or syntax errors(which happens very often with

Testing single salt-formulas without executing them

Something like rspec-puppet. Just to make sure that my formulas do what
they are supposed to do or handle incoming data(i.e. grains or pillars)
correctly. It would be even better if I could insert dependencies to
other formulas. Such I can see directly if my changes broke something
else. But I have no idea on how to do that in Salt.


Is the server configured like I want it to be? I know only two tools in
this category. Those are Serverspec and Cucumber. Both have very
specialized functionality and can't be used for a complete test alone.
Also I don't like them very much and like to know if there are other
methods in use. If there are other methods out there I really like to
know about them.

So how do you test?

Cheers, Markus

Tim Kelley

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