I am running a very simple statefile that doesn't appear to be working.

The state creates a user, then a group, then adders (some) users to a

Here is an example statefile:


     - members:
       - test_user

The state runs successfully but the "members" field is empty:

           ID: test_user
     Function: user.present
       Result: True
      Comment: New user test_user created

                   - test_user



           ID: test_user_group
     Function: group.present
       Result: True
      Comment: Added group test_user_group

Succeeded: 2
Failed: 0
Total: 2

when I check membership, my test user is not added (or removed if I remove
it from the list under "members").

$ cat /etc/group | grep test

I can successfully add the user to the group if I specify it as a parameter
for user.present, but I'd rather not:

    - I want group membership to be done via the group.present function,
    since it's pulling from a pillar value
    - I want to avoid conflict where the user.present adds a user to a group
    but then group membership deletes it within the same state run.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here or how I can work around this?

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