Colin Law wrote in post #1183946:
On 12 June 2016 at 08:55, David Alejandro wrote:
want this. I only want the attribute updated if the link is clicked.
follows the URL generated by the method.
Well that is what you need to fix. If you need to do something to the
database then you need to call an action in your application that does
whatever it is you want to do. If necessary you can then redirect to
your external url.

Are you a beginner with Rails? If so then I suggest that before going
further you work right through a good tutorial such as (which is free to use online), that will show you
the basics of Rails.

Managed to solve this a while ago :-)

I created an action for the link which generates and follows the link,
then when it gets back from it (PayPal), it updates the database.

   post 'orders/:id/pay', to: 'orders#start_payment_process', as:

     <%= link_to "Pagar en PayPal", start_payment_process_path, class:
"btn btn-success", method: :post %>

   def start_payment_process
     @order = current_order
     @order.update_attribute(:payment_in_process, true)
     redirect_to @order.paypal_url(edit_order_url,

   def edit
     # ... Some code
     if @order.payment_notifications.any? && @order.payment_in_process
       @order.update_attribute(:payment_in_process, false)


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