im currently trying to implement a form with several buttons, and my
solution for that was to make a full form for each of the 5 buttons.
thats extremely repetitive, so i wanted to generate the forms with a
helper function that i define myself, but i cant make it work.

my form method:

module ApplicationHelper
   def raw_datum_new_helper(status)

     form_for(@raw_datum) do |f|
       if @raw_datum.errors.any?
       "<div id='error_explanation'>"
         "<h2>#{pluralize(@raw_datum.errors.count, "error"})prohibited
this raw_datum from being saved:</h2>"
         @raw_datum.errors.full_messages.each do |msg|
     <% end %>

     "<div class='field'>"
     #{f.hidden_field :timestamp, :value =>[0,16]
       f.hidden_field :status, :value => status}
     </div><div class='actions'>"
       f.submit :value => status


my errors when calling <%= raw_datum_new_helper("ins Bett gelegt") %>:
syntax error, unexpected '}', expecting ')'
...aw_datum.errors.count, "error"})prohibited this raw_datum fr...
... ^
syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting '}'
...his raw_datum from being saved:</h2>"
... ^
unknown regexp option - l
syntax error, unexpected '<'
unknown regexp options - dv
syntax error, unexpected keyword_class, expecting keyword_do or '{' or
     "<div class='field'>"
syntax error, unexpected keyword_end, expecting '}'

Does anyone have an idea as to how to go about this?

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