Hi folks!

Im currently trying to generate diagrams with a js lib and rails. It
doesn't work, though, since I can't figure out how to embed ruby code to
supply the diagrams with data. My editor highlights the ruby code
too, with I take as a hint for wrong ruby syntax.
The diagrams work if I use the pure-js sample data, but it REALLY dont
want to input data sets with 200 items by hand.

The snippet in question is this one, it lives in an .html.erb file:

  var hour = [
     <% @raw.each do |raw| %>
     [ <%= if raw.status == "aufgewacht" %>
         <%= Time.parse(raw.timestamp).wday.to_json %>,
         <%= raw.timestamp[15,2].to_json %>
       <% end %> ],
     <% end %>
(yeah, pretty ugly)

Some error messages; line 20 contains the "if"-conditional
.../app/views/processed_data/_scatter.html.erb:20: syntax error,
unexpected ')', expecting keyword_then or ';' or '\n'
...nd= ( if raw.status == "woke" );@output_buffer.safe_concat('

app/views/processed_data/_scatter.html.erb:23: syntax error, unexpected
keyword_end, expecting ')'
...ffer.safe_concat(' '); end ;@output_buffer.safe_concat(...

Does anyone know how to do this?

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