Marco Antonio Almeida wrote in post #1183823:
Hi Rynn,
On Mon, Jun 6, 2016 at 12:15 AM Rynn Steinbolt wrote:

The snippet in question is this one, it lives in an .html.erb file:

var hour = [
<% @raw.each do |raw| %>
[ <%= if raw.status == "aufgewacht" %>
It seems that your problem is here. You don't want to output the if
condition so you should actually have:

<% if raw.status == "aufgewacht" %>
Thank you! That does indeed get rid of the error messages. I wonder how
i missed this.
However, the code still doesnt work - there is no data displayed.

Maybe the syntax highlighting makes it a bit clearer. Compare the two
attached snippets, one with the js/erb code (with a working var hour
below it, to demontrate that the js is (probably) not the problem, and
some reguler embedded ruby without js.


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