On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 9:49 AM, tom wrote:

x = Project.where('status=?','active').eager_load(:tasks)
but how do i access it? my loops are failing when tryin to access the
associates attribute:

x = Project.where('status=?','active').eager_load(:tasks)
x.each do |rec|
p rec.id #<< OK
p rec.tasks.id # << OUCH
pls advise
1. "OUCH"? What does that mean? You'll generally get more useful
     answers if you show an actual error message. And for that matter
     googling that error will frequently give you pointers towards solving
     it yourself.

2. I would *guess* that "tasks" is a collection; do you expect that to
     have an id? Or are you looking for the id of an individual task?

     If in doubt, try: p rec.tasks.class

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