I need to add the ability for users to upload a file which contains
scheduling information in the form of a CSV or equivalent. I need to
process the data in the file and then send out notifications based on the
data in the file at a future time. I am thinking of two possible ways of
doing this and wanted to see what people suggest.

1. User uploads file and the contents are processed at that point with the
needed information being extracted and stored in the DB. File is deleted
after being processed. Then, when the time comes, the service acts based on
the information in the DB.

2. User uploads file and no processing is done at this time. Then, when the
time comes, the file is processed and the service acts on that information
as the data is processed. Once done, file is deleted. Nothing is added to
the DB.

I have not done anything like this and wanted to see if any had advice on
either of these.

Also, carrierwave is the way to go for uploading files?


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