Walter Davis wrote in post #1090281:
On Dec 26, 2012, at 12:56 PM, Gauthier D. wrote:

don't have an ID yet (with cocoon/railscasts way nested forms handling).

I've asked a question about the same issue here :
I ended up solving this in my application by using an after_create hook
to set the primary person to whichever person was added first, and then
allowing the radio button to change this during any subsequent edit. The
radio buttons are not even shown until the parent record is persisted.
Not a perfect solution, but one that has actually fit into the workflow
very nicely, since the (human) editor seems to think that way (adding
the author first) while creating new titles.

Seems that you're the same person who answered on Stackoverflow ;o)

This workaround is unfortunately not compatible with my workflow since
my app has to be simple and fast...users will not accept a second edit
to set the main address...

The sad thing is that this is really easy to do in a hand-made
form...but I can't get rid of nested forms that brings lots more than
this little issue!

I'm working on a JS workaround, handling "virtual" radio buttons groups,
based on "data-radio-group" attribute instead of "name".

This is not as clean as I'd like but it's compatible with my workflow,
and logical for the user...

In case someone is interested, here is my really simple code to handle
virtual radio buttons groups (it's Coffeescript + jQuery) :

jQuery ->
$("input[data-radio-group]").on 'change', (e) ->
$("input[data-radio-group='" + $('radioGroup') +
"']").attr('checked', false)
$('checked', true)

When you change an input with "data-radio-group" arttributes, it
unchecks other inputs with same group value and checks the one changed
(so that you can't unselect all options).

Compared to "real" radio groups, I loose the ability to quickly get the
"group value" but I don't need that in my case.

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