On Nov 25, 9:36 pm, Alexander DiMauro wrote:

Most 'traditional' shared hosts also let you set up email accounts for
your domain, but I don't see anything like that on Heroku. Their plan is
basically for just hosting your site. I also need email accounts.

Is there a solution for this for Heroku? I imagine if there is, it's not
free, or involves hosting emails elsewhere.
Unless you're doing stuff like automatically processing email sent to
you, there's no reason not to host your email completely separately
from your web apps. In particular google will host your email for free
(and provide a gmail web interface to it) for up to 10 users (beyond
that you'll have to pay). All you have to do is sign up for the
service and point your domain's mx records at their servers. Your
actual applications can be wherever you want.

If not, then what is the best cheap host (this is just a portfolio site,
no heavy traffic) that INCLUDES email accounts as well?


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