Hey everyone

i am trying to subtract two different times.i am getting right
when i have two fixed times.
here is my code

def hour_min(last,first)

difference = last - first
seconds = difference % 60
difference = (difference - seconds) / 60
minutes = difference % 60
difference = (difference - minutes) / 60
hours = difference % 24

return hours,minutes

if last =9:30 PM and first = 10:52 i get after subtraction 10 hours : 38
mins but the problem is with Time.now
if last = Time.now and first = 10:30 am it is give improper output

this is my view
<% hour_min = hour_min(Time.now.to_i,cin.first.to_i)%>
<%="#{hour_min[0]}Hour : #{hour_min[1]}Min"%>

My problem is if i have two fixed timings i am getting correct but when i
have to calculate with Time.now i am getting wrong answer can any one help
me out


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