Hi guys, I really thought I had this sorted, but I cant figure this out!

I'm building an app (ruby 1.9.3, rails 3.2.2).

The app has teams, and in my teams_controller I want to have a method
called apply_to_coach_team, with a form that allows you to apply to
coach a new team.

The problem is, every time I click the link to go to the form I get the

Couldn't find Team with id=apply_to_coach_team

The app seems to be going to the teams#show method, and looking for a
team with the id above.

in routes.db I have:

match "/teams/apply_to_coach_team" => "teams#apply_to_coach_team", :as
=> :apply_to_coach_team

my teams_controller is just an empty method

def apply_to_coach_team


and my view is just a stub for now

<h1> apply to coach new team </h1>

My link to this page looks like this :

<%= link_to "apply to coach new team", apply_to_coach_team_path, class:
"btn btn-mini btn-action" %>

Can anyone tell me what simple mistake I'm making please!??

Thanks in advance

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