On Feb 24, 3:27 pm, Valery Kvon wrote:
On 24.02.2012, at 23:38, David M wrote:

How can I validate a date that is set with select boxes on the form, so I can raise an error when it's invalid?
The default behavior when an invalid date is entered is to add days to arrive to a valid date. For example: if 2012-31-06 is sent to the controller, the resulting date will be 2012-01-07
How can I stop this behavior and raise an error?
I'm using the date_select(object_name, method, options = {}, html_options = {})method in the view.
Interesting question.

In the case when date_select helper used, it automatically generates parameter keys:
'date(1i)' - year
'date(2i)' - month
'date(3i)' - day

When ActiveRecord model receives these parameters, Date object will be generated and assigned to a corresponding model's attribute. In this process, there is its clever logic: when values of these parameters aren't clearly 'crazy', Date object will be generated correctly without attention to the minor errors in the number of days (28, 30 or 31) without any validation errors.

To avoid this integrated logic you can put down your own model's accessors for 'date(1i)', 'date(2i)', 'date(3i)' mass-assignment parameters and appropriate custom validator. Or you can hack ActiveRecord::MultiparameterAssignment stack to escape its logic. Both are unaesthetic, unclean approaches from all points of view.

Instead of 'date_select', you can use 'select_date' (render just the tag), in this case date parameters will be named as you want. Just write the accessors and attribute assignment logic, then put the custom validator and this is it.

As for me, I completely gave up date_helper and other selectors, and began to use strings for dates in a form, adding to their Jquery
I also used strings, as it is much easier to enter a date with text
than picking each field from the dropdowns. I made it so that if you
enter a full year, fine. But if you do a 1 or 2 digit year it will
pick the rest of the year correctly. If you have 130 year old dates
you will have to enter all 4 digits.

here's the code

before_validation :b4_valid

def b4_valid
self.xmonth = self.month_.to_i
self.xday = self.day_.to_i
self.xyear = self.year_.to_i
if (self.xyear >= 0 && self.xyear <= 100)
@compare = Date.new(2000+self.xyear, 1,1)
if (@compare > Date.today)
self.xyear = 1900+self.xyear
self.year_ = self.xyear.to_s
self.xyear = 2000+self.xyear
self.year_ = self.xyear.to_s
return false
self.birthday = Date.new(self.xyear, self.xmonth, self.xday)
return false

<% fields_for "household[people_attributes][]", person do |
person_form| %>
<% fields_for "household" do |household_form| %>
<td><%= household_form.radio_button :hoh, person.hoh %></td>
<% end %>
<%= person_form.hidden_field :hoh, :index => nil %>
<td><%= person_form.text_field :last_name, :style => 'text-align:
left', :class => 'last_name', :size => 25, :maxlength => 25, :index =>
nil, :autocomplete => "off" %></td>
<td><%= person_form.text_field :first_name, :style => 'text-align:
left', :class => 'first_name', :size => 25, :maxlength =>25, :index =>
nil, :autocomplete => "off" %></td>
<td><%= person_form.text_field :middle, :style => 'text-align:
right', :class => 'middle', :size => 1, :maxlength =>1, :index =>
nil, :autocomplete => "off" %></td>
<td><%= person_form.text_field :sex, :style => 'text-align:
right', :size => 1, :maxlength =>1, :index => nil, :autocomplete =>
"off" %></td>
<td><%= person_form.text_field :month_, :style => 'text-align:
right', :size => 2, :maxlength =>2, :index => nil, :autocomplete =>
"off" %></td>
<td><%= person_form.text_field :day_, :style => 'text-align:
right', :size => 2, :maxlength =>2, :index => nil, :autocomplete =>
"off" %></td>
<td><%= person_form.text_field :year_, :style => 'text-align:
right', :size => 4, :maxlength =>4, :index => nil, :autocomplete =>
"off" %></td>
<td><% if !person_form.object.new_record? %>
<%= person_form.hidden_field :id, :index => nil %>
<%= link_to 'Delete', person_path(person.id), :confirm => 'Are you
sure?', :method => :delete %>
<% end %></td>
<% end %>

This will calculate the date object based on the input and fail
validation if the date is incorrect. Because of the rescue statements,
there should be no errors that cause the program to abort. All errors
will show as validation failures.

Best of luck
Bob <bsm2th@gmail.com>

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