I have limited screen space for a table that I'm displaying, so I'm showing
a truncated view of a description field:

<td><%= simple_format car.description.truncate(200, :separator => ' ')

I need a mouse over or click event to generate a simple pop up window (an
"alert", a "tool tip", a "dialog", etc.) displaying the full contents of
the car.description field.

I'm an admitted JS rookie. All the JS-Rails tutorials/information that I'm
seeing are focused on unobtrusive JS, focused mostly on AJAX/remote server
interactions. I'm not seeing anything that helps understand how you can
use data from your Rails application in rich JS UI features within your
views. I saw a tool tip gem, but with that gem, tool tip content is
statically generated, and tool tips are held in their own table. No way to
generate a tool tip on the fly, based on a field pulled from the database.

Is there some very, very simple way to have JS pop up the text held in a
Rails field?

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