Hi all!

I'm wondering if there is any elegant way to have some gems locally in
a rails 3.2 + ruby 1.9 project but not have them in the Gemfile and
therefore not in source control.

The reason is very similar to this:


I work on a large team and we moved to Ruby 1.9.3 but ruby-debug19
doesn't work with 1.9.3 unless you do some weird stuff. I got it to
work, but it totally taints the Gemfile (references RVM paths). Plus,
some people on the team don't use or want to use ruby-debug. It occurs
to me that this is probably a bigger problem than my issue.

Specifically: with bundler, is there some way to have project gems AND
local gems, where the local gems aren't part of the project?

In my case, I'd then be able to have ruby-debug hacked and configured
for my local development, but it wouldn't be in the Gemfile and thus
wouldn't mess up the other devs.



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