Felipe Pieretti Umpierre wrote in post #1046904:
Hello, what I want to do, the user gonna insert a string with right

So, the user gonna put, the email[comma]name[semincolon]

This way, I need to split the semicolon, to have the array of strings,
after I need to split the comma, to have the name in a index, and the
email in another.
Okay, I thought my earlier explanation would be sufficient to help you
achieve your goal, but I'll try to explain further:

You are starting with this:

"myemail@first.com,My Name"; "myemail@second.com,My Name"

I can't guess what you want in your final result. There are multiple
ways to split and store this. So I'll explain what I would do in this
case, assuming I want to keep all the information in the original

# Start by splitting the string at the semicolons:
arr1 = params[ :email ][ :email ].split( ";" )

# Result:
[ "myemail@first.com,My Name", "myemail@second.com,My Name" ]

# Declare an array to store the final data
emails = []

# Enumerate the array we split
arr1.each do |str|
# For each string in arr1 split at the comma
arr2 = str.split(",")

# Put the address and name in a hash (keyed by email address in this
h[arr2[0]] = arr2[1]

# Append the hash to the final array
emails << h

# Final result:
[ { "myemail@first.com": "My Name" }, { "myemail@second.com", "My Name"
} ]

There might be some shortcut to the above procedure, but I wanted to
show all the individual steps to be clear what's happening.

As I said before, this is only one possible way to store the results
keeping all the original data. You'll have to decide what is best for
your particular case.

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