Most of my projects have been proof-of-concepts and/or MVP (minimal viable
product) efforts that were never intended to run with thousands of users,
so SQLite was fine for dev, test, AND production. Up through Rails 3.0
there was a Heroku stack (bamboo?) that allowed you to run SQLlite as
production database (though postgres was highly recommended.)

As soon as I converted one of my projects to Rails 3.1 I had to use the
latest Heroku stack, which outlaws SQLlite and forces postgress. I tried
using SQLite for dev and postgres for production, but ran into a bunch of
really weird issues (so Hassan you are lucky or I'm very unlucky, don't
know which.) Finally, following Heroku's strongly worded warnings, I
installed postgress on my Mac for dev and got it working with Ruby and
Rails (not a trivial straightforward process for an amateur like myself.)
I'm a couple of projects past all this, and postgres continues to
introduce challenges and complexity at every turn. Oh how I long for
SQLite in dev.

The original question in this thread indicated that the key goal was to get
an older project up into a production environment with the minimal amount
of effort/cost (performance appeared not to be a key concern.) Being able
to avoid the complexities introduced with postgress will best meet that key

On Tuesday, February 7, 2012 6:19:41 PM UTC-7, Hassan Schroeder wrote:
On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 4:36 PM, Don <> wrote:

However, you will want to make sure you research, in detail, the database
situation. Heroku is now forcing the use of Postgres for "production"
deployment, in certain situations. Since your app is probably using SQLite,
you will want to try to deploy to Heroku on an older stack - one that allows
the use of SQLite.
Has Heroku ever used anything but PostgreSQL? Have you ever
had a DB-related issue deploying an app to Heroku that was being
developed with a non-PG database? (Other than with DB-proprietary
SQL, of course)

Just curious, I've never had (or heard of) such a problem; wondering
if I've just been lucky :-)

Hassan Schroeder ------------------------
twitter: @hassan
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