since there's a problem if I decide to use a seperate table for the
subsections, because the to-dos etc maybe also in a section. So this is my
question for now: should I have a separate table for subsections or should
I do it with one table only (sections)? In other words, I want to implement
a "nested sections" system.
Colin's suggestion for using "self referential" techniques is definitely
recommended. Additionally, from your description it sounds like you could
possibly have "to do"s and other items associated with with a range of
objects in our site. If you do go down this path, you will want to
investigate Rails' polymorphic relations. This would allow you to have "to
do"s associated with sections, subsections, articles, orders, accounts,
etc. I've used polymorphism to make one "picture" model available for
association with users, articles, posts, products, etc. and it works pretty


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