On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 02:33, angel david wrote:

2. Admin send reset password for the user mail id, where the user is not
active. When this scenario is generated, the reset instruction mail
should be delivered to the admin email id and not to the actual user
mail id. ...
Or is there any other possibilities?

Can anyone share your thoughts on this?
Since you asked for our thoughts... mine are that this requirement
doesn't make much sense. The only reason I can think of for doing
this, is that what the customer (the person asking you to write the
app, not the user of the app) really wants, is for the admin to have
some way to set a user's password. The requirement is poorly written,
dictating *how* something will be done, not just *what* is to be done.

If it's absolutely necessary that there be an email, such as for an
audit trail, that can be done by adding that to the admin's password
reset feature.


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