Thanks Neener54, but I think I found the answer.

Instead of running:
rails g model Blogpost
I need to run
rails g active_record:model Blogpost
and that should generate all the ActiveRecord files, even though I
have mongoid installed.

However, now I am running into issues with migration and trying to use
the Devise plugin.

After installing the Devise plugin and auto-generating a User
ActiveRecord model using:
rails g active_record:devise User
I try to run my migrations. Here is the error output:
rake db:migrate
rake aborted!
undefined method `devise' for User(Table doesn't exist):Class

Tasks: TOP => db:migrate => environment
(See full trace by running task with --trace)

I tried the same flow in a separate project, except using only
ActiveRecord with no Mongoid and I was able to run migrations
successfully. Apparently, Mongoid is messing up my ActiveRecord
classes when I try to run rake.

Would anyone have a solution? For example, is there a similar way to
force rake to use ActiveRecord, such as when using rails-generate
(rails g active_record:***)?

By the way, I'm using ruby 1.9.2p290, Rails 3.1.0, Mongoid 2.3,
bson_ext 1.4, and devise 1.5.3.

Thanks in advance


On Jan 22, 12:18 pm, Neener54 wrote:
You could just go into the model and change it's inheritance.  I've
never usedmongoidbut I think that push comes to shove, simply
switching << [modeltype] wouldn't be too hard.  I'll keep an eye open
for you though and see if I can figure it out.
On Jan 21, 7:41 pm, Mike Kim wrote:

I'm trying to use mongodb and postgresql simultaneously with Rails
3.1. I believe I have everything set up correctly.
What I'm interested in knowing is how to get rails to flip-flop back-
and-forth betweenmongoidand activerecord.
For example, if I want to generate an ActiveRecord model afterusing
mongoid, rails automatically defaults to theMongoidgem.
rails g model Blogpost
create    app/models/blogpost.rb
invoke rspec
create    spec/models/blogpost_spec.rb
How would I get rails to use ActiveRecord instead, and vice versa?
Thanks in advance
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