On Sat, Jan 14, 2012 at 4:11 AM, Joachim Cheng wrote:

Yeah, I can do it.

<%= link_to "save", "#", :remote=>true, :onclick=>"save_with_click"%>
function save_with_click(){

change to:

<%= form_tag save_file_path, :id => 'mysubmitform' do %>

<a href="javascript:save();">save</a>
function save(){
return false;

<% end %>

This function can works for me!! I am using jquery colorbox.
Thank you, Javier.
Glad to hear that :)
I tought you jus wanted to save it via AJAX that's why I use that remote
true, you can do that <a> label using rails. Also that :id=>"mysubmitform"
may not be needed, just check the id of the form using a debugger (firebug
in firefox or the one that comes in chrome).


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