Whenever just helps to use cron with simple ruby syntax.
To make it run cronjobs. You need to:
1. Exec in your project folder:
wheneverize .
This will create config/schedule.rb file.

2. There type some action needed to be done with cron:
every 3.hours do
rake "my:rake:task"

3. Save it and execute that
whenever --update-crontab
This will update crontab file.
You can ensure that crontab is written by
crontab -l

4. And final point restart cron
sudo services cron restart

Enjoy =)
On Jan 7, 10:45 am, Colin Law wrote:
On 7 January 2012 04:46, dv dhanadan wrote:

how to make the whenever gem to run a cron job?
I have installed the whenever gem into my rails project
successfully,could any one tell me on how i can get this gem run a rake
task for me...
If you are using cron then you do not need to use whenever.  Simple
run the rake task from cron.

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