On Dec 24, 1:18 pm, Walter Lee Davis wrote:
Use an :after_create callback in those cases; you will have the ID at
that point and you can use it. Remember, you will need to set any
relationship keys directly, not at the object level, since you can't
call save again in an after_create (I don't think). Here's my
after_save method from a similar setup:

def set_primary
self.update_attributes( :role_id => self.roles.first.id ) if

This is from inside a Title, which has_many roles, has_many people through roles, and belongs_to one role (designating the "primary" person, like the author or the editor -- the one that people think of when they're looking for that book, even though lots of people may have contributed to it).

I needed to go this route because I was using Ryan Bates' nested_form gem, and so I was adding roles to a title that hadn't been saved yet -- very similar to your setup if I recall correctly. Since I can't designate a primary in the #new method, because nothing has anIDyet, I use this callback to sort things out, and count on my editors to always choose the most important person first. I have a new_record? test in my view to hide theradiobuttons in that case, and show them in the #edit view of the same form.

This is very close to what I wanted. It seems you were having the same
problem as I am using the new_record? test to remove the
radio_buttons. I am trying to find a way to get the id after the
create and putting it in the Household.hoh field. Maybe in the
after_create callback for each Person object. But how can I access the
radio button and see who was selected from there ?? I see you
used .first to set the id. Will this help me see who was selected by
the radio buttons ??


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