On Nov 15, 11:06 pm, John Merlino wrote:
this error usually occurs when trying to mix 1st and 2nd order
relationships in a single to_json call:

undefined method `macro' for nil:NilClass

Rails 3 has this way to support 2nd order relationships:


So I try to use it:

@units = User.where(:id =>
params[:user_id]).first.units.to_json(:include => {
:only => :reports,
:notifications => {:include => {:only
=> :notification_codes} }

A unit has many reports and notifications. And a notification belongs
to notification code.
There is an example of second order include & only on the page you
link to. You're using :only to refer to association names whereas only
is supposed to denote which attributes you want to show for a given
object so i think you are confusing to_json. something like :include
=> {:reports, :notifications => :notification_codes} should do the


:include => {:notifications, :only => :reports, :include => {:
This is the relationship between notifications and notification codes:

belongs_to :notification_code, :foreign_key => :code

//notification codes
has_many :notifications

So I am not sure why error occurs.

Thanks for response
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