I would like to introduce free shell server shellmix.com.
On shellmix.com you can get free shell account with big environment and
with multiple IP addresses

• HDD 200 MB
• MySQL 10 MB
• Proc 20
• WWW PHP, GD, Curl, Mod_Rewrite, htaccess, htpasswd
• VirtualHost
• Domain hosting
• Mod_Rewrite
• MAIL SMTP, POP3, SSL, TLS, Antivirus, Webmail
• Python Python24, Python25, Python26, Python27, Python3
• Django
• Zope
• Pylons
• Perl perl-5.10, perl-5.12, 5.14.2
• Catalyst
• C
• C++
• Erlang
• Gnuplot
• Ruby
• Ruby on Rails
• Tcl
• Java
• Node.js
• Mono .NET Framework
• Lua
• Webmail
• Control panel
• Phpmyadmin
• IRC access
• OpenSSL
• Oidentd
• Shell for choose tcsh (default), sh, csh, bash, fish, zsh
• Editors Edit, Pico, Nano, Vi, Vim

Soft : screen, tmux, irssi, epic, bitchx, mc, links, lynx, wget, ekg,
unrar, unzip, unarj, unace, weechat, psybnc, eggdrop, znc, git, cvs,
sqlite3, rsync, curl, darcs, mercurial, bazaar, monotone, trac, fish,
finch, bitlbee, django, pylons, zope, node.js, Catalyst

If you want create account you need log on port 30 SSH host shellmix.com
as newuser password newuser

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