On 11/02/2011 08:51 AM, Scott Ribe wrote:
- Have been away from RoR development for a couple of years.

- Will be doing a new project soon, starting with RoR 3.1.

- This site will be hosted on a dedicated user-controlled server inside their intranet, so this question is not about hosting services.
I assume this will be a Unix like server. Linux or MacOS or BSD etc. A
Windows server will constrain your options.
- Expect about 100,000 page views a day, with a bit more spikiness than normal around some shift changes, so provisioning as if for 500,000 page views a day would probably be reasonable.

- Nearly every page will contain dynamic content. Most of this content must be evaluated each time, even short-term caching will not work.

- The db queries are mostly simple and I know how to optimize them.

- The construction of the dynamic content is also pretty simple.

- The static content will be in the browser's cache most of the time, as there's not much of it and many users go to the app throughout the day.

- Basically everything will be over https.

So my question is about what web/app server to use, when I care primarily about low latency for responses, and secondarily about ease of setup& admin? And also whether there's anything to accelerate the RoR rendering performance? (Scaling to multiple simultaneous requests is something I think I have under control...)
I think apache/passenger is about as simple as things can get. Server
performance is good with apache (and with nginx if you like that) and
there are options to improve it but the rendering performance probably
depends on characteristics of your generated html and the browser used.
If you simplify what the browser has to do you will probably get better
performance. I imagine that tables and resizing graphics slow things
down but those issues are really ones for html experts not ROR folks.

Good Luck

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