Don't use Typus but the error you are getting indicates the 'exit
without save' is still trying to save the object.
Change the method of your button to a get.

On 11/01/2011 09:54 PM, JavierQQ wrote:

I'm new with Rails and I'm having a sort of a trouble with typus (I
know that there's a Typus group but I think that my problem may happen
In Typus as default when I create a new record, it automatically
renders a form with 3 buttons

Save and new | Save and continue editing | Save

I have to create a button "Exit without save", I made it appear but in
my model I made some validations like
:presence => true

and when I click on "Exit without save" it appears a message "(field)
can't be blank"

How can I override this?

Maybe someone know how to do this without Typus, It could help too :)

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