On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 5:00 PM, Lukas M. wrote:

hm.. no luck with that either. when i try to print out the places object
in the console (logger.debug @place.to_yaml), "address" is missing.
From the top of my head (not hard tested now).
Now you refer to to_yaml, in previous mails, you refered to to_json.

Be careful, there is a fundamental difference between to_xml, to_json,
to_yaml on ActiveRecord ...

One of them (I believe to_yaml) prints the "raw" database column values,
even if you overwrite that accessor function with a name. The other two
(to_json, to_xml IIRC) use the attribute accessors (from ActiveRecord I
presume), that can be overwritten by your own code.

So, I would expect to_yaml to never work in this scenario (where there is
no database column). But to_json should be possible in this scenario
(I did some simple tests with ActiveModel and that seemed to work as



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