That's to be expected with your HTML.

What you currently have will generate HTML that looks like the following if
you have 3 reviews:

<p id='votes'>1 vote</p>
<p id='votes'>2 votes</p>
<p id='votes'>3 votes</p>

$("#votes").html("3 votes")
$("#votes").html("4 votes")
$("#votes").html("5 votes")

See the problem?

The problem is that each paragraph tag has the same ID. jQuery will only
update the first one. Each paragraph needs to have a unique ID, then your
JavaScript to update the paragraph needs to update the specific unique ID.

Including the primary key in the HTML ID is a good solution:

<p id="review_<%= %>">

Then your jQuery can update the specific paragraph that it needs to:

$("#review_<%= %>").html("<%= review.votes_count %>")

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