One last update on my progress.

I have 4 installed on Scientific Linux with the only client being itself at
the moment. The current plan is to either find replacement modules or move
over as many modules as I can. If I can get the bulk of the modules and a
few important ones, then I will be very happy. I have new hardware that is
significantly better and I am really concidering moving puppetdb to a
second node. But I will do that when I am done with a bit more module

The only modules I have tested so far are the ones from puppet-labs:
concat, stdlib, firewall, and ntp. Strangely enough, I was getting all
kinds of errors with the firewall module. I disabled it, ran 'puppet agent
-t' again where it configured ntp and had a successful run, then re-enabled
it to get an error to report on...and it worked! I am not sure what
happened...If it happens again, I will capture more detailed output.

I knew there were a lot of changes, but wowzer. I kept thinking
"Huh...that's different. I guess that is what the documentation ment when
it said $feature had changed..." :-)

It is also good, because I have been wanting to implement the environments
feature for a while, but never got around to it. This is basically forcing
me to. :-)

Lastly, I have always had a bit of a rough time with hiera data not picking
up at times (see my previous posts for frustrations last year), but a few
quick tests worked a LOT better this time. I am guessing it is just the
combination of all the updates and improvements (puppet/heira/new
hardware/new environment that I haven't managed to mangle in strange ways
yet/ect :-D ).

I will be working on this quite a bit this week. I will keep you updated as
I go.

Thanks for the help and advice!

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