First, a short intro. :-)

Last year I invested quite a bit of time building out a puppet
infrastructure. I have +150 Scientific Linux 6 and RHEL 6 servers running
puppet 3.7.1. It has been working really well concidering that I basically
haven't touched it since last October....

The issues I see are things like:
* I never got around to moving off of WEBrick for the webserver. So the box
takes a beating (it is always under a lot of load with that many clients).
* I haven't gotten around to updating past 3.7.1....that is kinda a big
* A lot of the poorly written modules _I_ wrote a year ago can now be
easily replaced with much better versions from the forge.

Basically, things are pretty much my fault for not properly caring for it.

But! It is working /really/ well. I don't have many changes except the
addition/decomission of servers. I keep meaning to spend time, but it
hasn't happened....until last weekend when the puppetmaster server went off
line...I have the server functioning again, but the motherboard is *not*
long for this world.

Since I am rebuilding anyway and I _know_ that our infrastructure is about
to grow another 100 servers in the next few months, I figured I should look
into upgrading to puppet 4.1. I have read through the changelog (didn't
understand a lot, but I recognize there are a lot of changes I will have to
make). If I am willing to take the time to migrate to puppet-forge modules
anyway (plus hopefully fix any bad code I can't replace), wouldn't this be
a good time to switch puppet versions too?


I am debating as to whether I need to build multiple puppet masters or not.
Is the following documentation still valid for the 4.x series of puppet?

I have a lot of load, a lot of puppet clients, and I wouldn't mind the
reliability of multiple systems. But I am not sure if it is worth the
effort or not. Are there good metrics for when to load balance or not?

I never got around to setting up puppet dashboard, but I would like to. Any
load-balanced solution I would prefer to be one that worked with dashboard
(unless there is a better recomendation out there??).

I have also been debating moving the puppetdb (that takes a ton of
resources on the system) to a second server and just letting the first
server be the puppetmaster/ca/ect. Thoughts on that? Any easier? Harder? I
figure it would be a lot easier to configure the balance, but I am not sure
what the consequences are or if it is even a good idea at all.

I read in the changelog that the older clients should work with the
backward compatibility, but is it worth even trying? Or should I just push
out the updated puppet client wherever I can before adding the server into
my new build? (not hard to do in my environment)

Any got-cha!'s that I should be aware of? Any suggestions to make this
process smoother? Any recommendations for a big jump (more like complete
replacement) like this?


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