Hello everyone,

I hadn't noticed until recently but a large % of host reports are not
getting into PuppetDB and I looking for ways to determine what the cause
is. I could see an all or nothing but not this. I'm not worried about the
data for those hosts but I'm un-sure what steps to take. I sure hope this
is an easy fix.

For example in the puppetdb.log file, I'm seeing for some hosts where
reports are getting stored and facts and catalogs are getting replaced.
For other hosts just replacing facts and catalogs are getting replaced.

I don't understand enough of the internals to know what to do here and I'm
not sure how to peer into the database. I did upgrade from an pretty old
version of PuppetDB (1.x something to 2.3.3) and I can't help but feel that
could be the cause but I'm just guessing.

We did use Puppetboard but now use Puppetboard.

Here's the relevant config values for puppet.conf -- just the master section
     certname = puppet.ourdomain.com
     report = true
     # reports log, store for non-dashboard or puppetdb
     # reports = log,store
     reports = http,puppetdb,rrdgraph
     reporturl = http://puppet.centric.com:3000/reports/upload # Broke and
no longer processing
    # removed by Jim 5/8/2015
    # node_terminus = exec
    # external_nodes = /usr/bin/env
     storeconfigs = true
     storeconfigs_backend = puppetdb
     ssldir = $vardir/ssl

We're running
Puppet Server 3.7.5
PuppetDB and PuppetDB-Terminus 2.3.3

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