I am trying to build a puppet system for the first time, and I am having a
problem creating my puppet.conf file. I am working on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for
my puppet master, and Centos 7 for my agents.

Insofar as I can tell, there is no certificate on the puppet master. The
reason why I think so is because I am getting

Exiting; no certificate found and waitforcert is disabled

errors on the agents, and in the log file on the puppetmaster, I see many entries of the form:

[2014-12-12 15:08:22] - - [12/Dec/2014:15:08:22 PST] "GET /production/certificate/jeffs-desktop.commercialventvac.com? HTTP/1.1" 404 73
[2014-12-12 15:08:22] - -> /production/certificate/jeffs-desktop.commercialventvac.com?

I searched for jeffs-desktop* in /etc and /var, to no avail.

I read Pro Puppet by Turnbull and McCune and on page 12, it says that I can create a configuration (which I hope includes a certificate) using the command

puppetmasterd --genconfig > puppet.conf

I find myself in a catch-22 situation.

root@jeffs-desktop:/etc/puppet# *puppetmaster --genconfig > /etc/puppet/puppet.conf*
No command 'puppetmaster' found, did you mean:
  Command 'puppetmasterd' from package 'puppetmaster' (main)
puppetmaster: command not found
root@jeffs-desktop:/etc/puppet# *puppetmasterd --genconfig > /etc/puppet/puppet.conf*
The program 'puppetmasterd' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
apt-get install puppetmaster

oot@jeffs-desktop:/etc/puppet# *apt-get install puppetmaster*
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
puppetmaster is already the newest version.
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

I also tried the installation procedure discussed in https://docs.puppetlabs.com/guides/install_puppet/install_debian_ubuntu.html and that doesn't help, because apt-get thinks I am up-to-date on everything.

I think I am stuck.

Any advice?

Many thanks in advance.


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