I have a small infrastructure managed by Puppet which I set up when the
docs suggested using import to import manifests for each node.

So I currently have just the Production environment. In
/etc/puppet/manifest I have a site.pp which imports nodes/*

nodes/* then includes the individual hostname.pp files for each server.

I've read all the docs and *think* I have my head wrapped round it but just
thought I would check for any gotchas.

I'm currently getting the two deprecation notices:

- Setting templatedir is deprecated
- The use of import is deprecated

I've created environments/production/modules and

I believe I can just set default_manifest in my puppet.conf on the
puppetmaster to /etc/puppet/manifests and then all environments will
continue to use that (I want to have some dev nodes talking to this
puppetmaster soon but I'll just get it all working first)

If I have done the above do I need anything in the production/manifests
directory or will it simply default to using that specified as

Having then set a default_manifest which is a directory can I just remove
the import and these files will be compiled together? I can see best
practice would be to use an ENC, which I may explore but as a small
infrastructure I'd just like to make the transition in small steps.


Rachel Andrew


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