I have a question about automatically cleaning configuration if the
class/define that generated it is no longer used.

For example, I have a number of logging daemons that I would like to be
able to disable automatically if their definitions are removed from the
node's manifest:

node foo {
          # "bar" and "baz" are actually names of pre-define logging
  # configurations statlog knows what to do with
  statlog { "bar":}
  statlog { "baz":}

This, basically, creates, starts, and enables (on boot) two new services
"statlog.bar" and "statlog.baz". So far so good.

Now, because statlog can be resource-intensive, suppose I would like the
statlog.baz service to be stopped and disabled automatically if I remove
statlog { "baz":} from the manifest:

  node foo {
   statlog { "bar":}

Since there are many possible "statlogs", I don't want to make site.pp
messy by explicitly doing something like the following for every one.
  node foo {
   statlog { "bar":}
   statlog { "baz": purge => true}

Here's roughly what I am thinking of doing (but I am wondering if there
is a better way).

  # this is in global area of site.pp. so that all nodes, whether they
  # use statlog or not include this code
  class { "statlog::autocleanup":}

  node foo {
   statlog { "bar":}

statlog module:
class statlog::autocleanup()
  # real implementation is a bit more complicated to handle
          # resource ordering, non-existent services, etc.
  if !defined(Service["statlog.baz"]) {
          service{ "statlog.baz":
               ensure => stopped,
              enable => false,
  if !defined(Service["statlog.foo"]) {

Is there a better way to do this?

Thanks very much,


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