I have an entry for a file in a puppet manifest that checks file properties.

file {"/etc/ld.so.conf": mode=>"644", owner=>"root", group=>"root",
checksum=>"md5", audit=>all; }

An admin patched the server and several file checksums changed. Now the
puppet client keeps sending messages like the one below.

Tue Jul 22 20:25:15 -0700 2014
/Stage[main]/Linux/File[/etc/ld.so.conf]/ctime (notice): audit change:
previously recorded value Wed Aug 21 14:52:17 -0700 2013 has been changed
to Tue Jul 22 20:25:10 -0700 2014

I was just given this task to solve but don't have much puppet knowledge.
I could not find much information by searching the web except for some bug
related threads.
Could you advice me how to fix that?


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