Hi all,

We use the roles/profiles/components model originally suggested by Craig
Dunn fairly heavily. In our case:

    - The role is a business name, like "Application X App Server"
    - The profile is the technical name, like "Base Components" or
    - The components are either wrapper classes around modules or modules
    themselves, like "PHP" or "Apache".

For the most part, this works well. We can have, for example:

    - MyFace Application Server
       - Base Components
          - SSSD
          - Sudo
          - NTP
       - PHP Webserver
          - PHP
          - Apache
          - PHP-FPM
          - Memcache

However, we're running into trouble how to handle the situation where you're
running a box with multiple functions... for example, WordPress and Drupal.
  In that case, how do you handle configuration conflicts? On the surface,
it seems like we would create a more generic profile like "PHP Webserver"
(like I did in the above example). If I do this, however, I lose the
ability to define profile specific variables such as firewall rules, cron
jobs, etc.

Any thoughts on this?



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