Hi all,

I have a role/profile setup that's working quite well. However, I'm
finding that there are *super* simple things that don't really require the
setup of their own module, such as installing "nano" or setting up a
yumrepo {}. Do I really need an MOTD module? I have a profile::base class
which includes things like ::ntp, which because it's a daemon and requires
monitoring/service statements, etc. makes sense to keep separate. But do I
really need a yum module when I'm just calling yumrepo{} or package{} that
install a few .rpm files? And for installing general, un-managed packages
like bash, nano, etc., surely I shouldn't create a component/module for
each of those? I think that'd be overkill.

I've thought about doing a few things. Perhaps creating a "general" class
that includes subclasses, like so:

include general::yum
include general::motd

Alternatively, inside the puppet "base" profile, I can have the include
::ntp statements, and then also add some package{} and yumrepo{}
statements... but not sure if that's anti role/profile.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you!


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