On Wednesday, December 11, 2013 11:03:33 PM UTC-6, William Leese wrote:

Facter was designed before hiera. It serves a larger purpose than just
usage as hiera hierarchy conditionals.

I get that.
Do I understand correctly that your custom fact which "spits out a list of
server types" returns more than 1 item in a comma separated list like the
filesystems example you provided?

Exactly. I used the filesystems example for simplicity (you can try it
without setting up a custom fact), and because it has exactly the same
behavior as my target fact.

Looking at the nature of this custom fact would it not be better if it
provided a single 'server type'? If this is impossible, you could split the
fact into X facts and (servertype1,servertype2 and servertype3) which could
then be used nicely in hiera.

To make this work in hiera I'd need a hierarchy like:
   - "groups/%{servertype1}"
   - "groups/%{servertype2}"
   - "groups/%{servertype3}"

It's clunky, but the more I think about it, the more I think that's the
only way to do this. I just realized that hiera doesn't have any way to
iterate over the list handed to it from facter. So if my servertype fact is
equal to git,ntp,ldap (for example), then I can't expect hiera to do a
lookup with the fact servertype set to git, then another lookup with the
fact servertype set to ntp, etc. I think it's reasonable to *want* this
behavior, but it's not what it does (for now, at least).

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