I think you're overcomplicating.

I suppose you have something like

class mywebapp {
   tomcat7::war { "mywebapp": ... }

You can wrench your code inbetween if you slightly modify your defined
type like so:

define tomcat7::war(...) {
   file { "tomcat7-war-file-$name":
     path => "${tomcat7::sites_dir}/${destFile}",
     notify => Exec["clean-tomcat7-war-$name"],
   exec { "clean-tomcat7-war-$name":

to make the interface more transparent. Then add to class mywebapp:

exec { "notify-loadbalancer":
   command => ...
   suscribe => File["tomcat7-war-file-mywebapp"],
   before => Exec["clean-tomcat7-war-mywebapp"],

This is not exactly clean design, of course (use this pattern in enough
places and you've got a maintenance nightmare right on hand).

If you *want* to make it clean, you will have little choice but to
include the code in tomcat7::war after all, along with a new parameter
to explicitly enable it (e.g. $do_notify_loadbalancer = false).

If a compromise is acceptable, you may get away with making it somewhat
generic like

define tomcat7::war(
   $pre_cleanup_hook = "") {


   if $pre_cleanup_hook {
     exec { "tomcat7-war-pch-$name":
       command => "$pre_cleanup_hook",
       subscribe => File[...],
       before => Exec[...],

On 11/26/2013 07:31 AM, Joshua Chaitin-Pollak wrote:
what I would like to do is pass a parameter into tomcat::war so that if
that the parameter is set, the class (or type) referenced in the
parameter is Notified instead
of Exec["clean_${tomcat7::sites_dir}/${contextPath}"], and
then Exec["clean_${tomcat7::sites_dir}/${contextPath}"] would be
notified AFTER my code.

This would allow my code a chance to notify the load balancer and pause
before cleaning and restarting tomcat. I don't want the special
load-balancer code in tomcat::war, because it is unique to 'mywebapp'.

Is there a way to do this at all?
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