On 2013-11-13, at 1456, David Lutterkort wrote:

I don't have any examples handy, but the easiest way to try out managing the file with Puppet is to store it somewhere, say /tmp/file.json and then play around with it in augtool:
That's what I eventually ended up doing, and after several hours of tinkering with it I was able to come up with most of what I need - I have puppet templates which store strings and numbers in the top-level "dict" within the JSON file.

The last part is being able to maintain an array of dictionaries within the top-level "dict" (in particular, an array of LDAP DN's.) In the file, it looks like this:

   "server" : "hostname.domain.xyz" ,
   "port" : 12345 ,
   "groups" : [
     { "dn" : "cn=Users,dc=domain,dc=xyz" } ,
     { "dn" : "cn=Admins,dc=domain,dc=xyz" }

In augtool, I am able to do the following:

set /augeas/load/Json/lens Json.lns
set /augeas/load/Json/incl /tmp/file.json
set /files/tmp/file.json/dict/entry[last()+1] 'groups'
touch /files/tmp/file.json/dict/entry[last()]/array

However, when I try to do it in Puppet:

   augeas { "groups_array" :
     incl => '/tmp/file.json' ,
     lens => 'Json.lns' ,
     changes => [
       "set dict/entry[last()+1] 'groups'" ,
       "touch dict/entry[last()]/array" ,
     ] ,
     onlyif => "match dict/entry[*][.='groups'] size == 0" ,
     require => File['/tmp/file.json'] ,

I get the following error:

Error: /Stage[main]/Module::Groups/Augeas[groups_array]: Could not evaluate: Unknown command touch

Does the Puppet "augeas" module not support the "touch" command at all? If not, is there a way to declare an array like this, without declaring a member of the array at the same time? The class itself declares the array, and it also defines a template that another class will call one or more times to add items to the array. Different machines will need different numbers of items in the array, and some machines may not need any items at all.

The most frustrating thing to me is how little documentation there seems to be out there, about using the JSON lens. The augeas web site doesn't list it with the other lenses, and on the "list of core lenses" page it's there but the link goes to a page which doesn't exist. I think it's amazing that I was able to cobble together what I already have, and I think once I get this all figured out, I'll have to write a page on my personal web site explaining it.

John Simpson <jms1@voalte.com>
Unix System/VM Developer and Engineering Operations, Voalte
+1 (941) 312-2830 x148

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