Hi All,

I'm running Puppet in masterless mode and trying to make Puppet dashboard
play nice with it in this non-standard setup.

I'd love to hear how other people are doing this. The process I have in
mind is:

1) Run "puppet apply" from cron on each node
2) Rsync (using --remove-sent-files) the reports from each node's
/var/lib/puppet/reports dir back to the puppet dashboard server
3) Run rake:import

The issue I'm having is that rake:import will create a new failed task for
every report that already exists in the database. It does skip them, but I
don't want to be notified it's a failed task when it skips them. I was
thinking of deleting old reports, but given that they get imported by the
delayed task workers, it is hard to know which reports have been processed
to avoid deleting a report that hasn't been imported yet.

If I can find a way to stop it reporting skipped reports as failed tasks,
then I should be OK.

Any ideas? Anyone else running Puppet dashboard with masterless Puppet?

- GS

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