Hello all. I have been banging my head against this problem and I cannot
for the life of me determine what is wrong. We are running Puppet v3.2.2.
  Here's the situation:

We have a module called domex. The domex modules has an init.pp that
defines a domex class. Various things happen in that module, but the
important part is some variable definitions, so I'll whittle it down.

class domex {
   $nifi_dir =
   $storm_streaming_pkg_reqs = "infrastructure-deps-iep-storm-addon"

I've put notify statements in so I can verify the contents of the variables
are correct in the init.pp and they are.

Now, I have two subclasses, each defined in their own files.

class domex::nifi {
   include domex
   $nifi_dir = $domex::nifi_dir

A notify statement shows that $nifi_dir gets populated with the correct

class domex::storm {
   include domex
   $storm_pkg_reqs = $domex::storm_streaming_pkg_reqs

In this case, $storm_pkg_reqs ends up no value. The value of
$domex::storm_streaming_pkg_reqs also has no value.

Nothing else touches any of these variables in any other manifest. I do
not the reason $storm_pkg_reqs ends up being undefined. I know this setup
seems a bit convoluted, but it's not my choice, I'm having to take existing
puppet modules and tweak them for our environment, so wholesale structural
changes are out of the question (no matter how much I might like to make

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!


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