I had issues with custom facts returning errors and or not finding the
custom facts until I created an additional module called "facterpath".
  Here is the init.pp:

# /etc/puppet/modules/facterpath/manifests/init.pp
class facterpath {
         file { "/etc/profile.d/facter.sh":
                 owner => 'root',
                 group => 'root',
                 mode => '0644',
                 source => "puppet:///files/etc/profile.d/facter.sh",

It simply pushes a facter.sh file to /etc/profile.d on all of my agents.
  Here's the file that gets pushed:

# cat /etc/profile.d/facter.sh
export FACTERLIB=$FACTERLIB:/var/lib/puppet/lib/facter

So now when I log in the facter library becomes part of my ENV and no more
issues in using the custom facts on my agents.

On Sunday, October 13, 2013 6:18:46 AM UTC-4, Martin Alfke wrote:

On 13.10.2013, at 10:57, Sans <r.sant...@gmail.com <javascript:>> wrote:

The file is on the PuppetMaster. Hence the custom fact 'am_running_oss'
is not available or empty when it runs on the agent. What are the options I
have to make the custom facts(s) available on every single puppet agent?
Thanks in advance. Cheers!!
You have to put the fact inside the lib/facter directory of a module and
you have to enable pluginsync on all nodes puppet.conf.



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