El jueves, 27 de junio de 2013 18:07:03 UTC+2, Christian Reiß escribió:
Hello folks,

I am currently using Puppet to forge the nagios configuration files. Using
exported ressources it really works well - to a point.

The one thing I am banging my head against is the service definitions. The
services use stuff like remote-nrpe-zombie-procs, which of course, is not
defined anywhere:

define service {
## --PUPPET_NAME-- (called '_naginator_name' in the
manifest) check_zombie_procs_gaming
use remote-nrpe-zombie-procs
host_name gaming.alpha-labs.net

So far I am letting puppet generate the three configs:


Tho for this to work I would need a corresponding commands.cfg and all the
Howtos out there do not seem to have my problem. The important snipplet
from my config would be this:

Nagios_host <<||>> {
require => File[resource-d],
notify => Service[icinga],

Nagios_service <<||>> {
require => File[resource-d],
notify => Service[icinga],

Nagios_hostextinfo <<||>> {
require => File[resource-d],
notify => Service[icinga],

Nagios_command <<||>> {
require => File[resource-d],
notify => Service[icinga],

After banging my head for 3 evenings on this I really need your help.
Thanks for any pointers.


Hello Chris,
I am facing here the same problem. Did you manage to fix/workaround it?

Thank you

Best regards

Juan Sierra Pons juan@elsotanillo.net
Linux User Registered: #257202 http://www.elsotanillo.net
GPG key = 0xA110F4FE
Key Fingerprint = DF53 7415 0936 244E 9B00 6E66 E934 3406 A110 F4FE

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