On Thursday, October 3, 2013 10:48:10 AM UTC-5, David Thompson wrote:

I've done some more testing, and there's something very funny going on.
In my manifests, I have the following:

notify {"Nagios Base: $fqdn $hostname $ipaddress": }
@@nagios_host { $fqdn:
ensure => present,
alias => $hostname,
address => $ipaddress,
use => "linux-server",

On the hosts to be monitored, I see the notify, and, as I've said, I see
the db inserts, but then nothing comes up in the REST query. HOWEVER,
if I take the lines above and put them in a separate .pp file and
"puppet apply" that file, then I see the resources via the REST query.
My understanding was that once a resource gets defined, that's the end
of the story, but it's clearly not what's happening here.
It shouldn't make a difference, I don't think, but how are those
declarations positioned in your original code? Are they in a class /
definition / node block, or are they at top level?

Also, is there any chance of resource parameter overrides being in play?
Specifically, overrides of the Nagios_hosts' 'ensure' parameters?


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