I try to ensure our password policies using /etc/login.defs and PAM

class pci_policy::password(
     $cracklib = $pci_policy::params::cracklib,
     $pam_password = $pci_policy::params::pam_password,
) inherits pci_policy::params {

     ensure => installed,

     ensure => present,
     owner => root,
     group => root,
     mode => 0644,
     source => "puppet:///modules/pci_policy/login.defs.$::operatingsystem",
     require => Package[$cracklib],

   exec{'ensure password policy for pci':
     cwd => '/bin/',
     command => "/bin/sed -i 's/^password.*cracklib.so.*/password
requisite pam_cracklib.so retry=3 minlen=8 difok=5
dcredit=-1 lcredit=-1 ucredit=-1 ocredit=-1/g' $pam_password",
     path => "/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/bin",
     onlyif => "grep '^password.*cracklib.so.*' $pam_password",
     require => Package[$cracklib],

   exec{'ensure password policy for pci when nothing is present':
     cwd => '/bin/',
     command => "echo 'password requisite
pam_cracklib.so retry=3 minlen=8 difok=5 dcredit=-1 lcredit=-1 ucredit=-1
ocredit=-1' >> $pam_password",
     path => "/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/bin",
     onlyif => "grep -vq '^password.*cracklib.so.*' $pam_password",
     require => Package[$cracklib],

My problem are the exec commands.

With the first exec I try to change an existing line with sed.

With the second exec I try to add the rule if no line with
"password.*cracklib" is existing.
Unfortunately, this exec run when the return code of onlyif is 0. I don't
know a command which return 0 when the line isn't available and return 1
when the line is available.

May be I'm thinking to complicated? Do you have another solution?

Thanks a lot!


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