I continue to be unable to get puppetdb to create nagios resources. I
have a very standard nagios host definition:

        notify {"Nagios Base: $fqdn $hostname $ipaddress": }
        @@nagios_host { $fqdn:
          ensure => present,
          alias => $hostname,
          address => $ipaddress,
          use => "linux-server",

...and the notify shows up on subsequent agent runs, so I know the
statement is being activated. I also know that the facts and catalogs
are winding up in the postgres database.

Despite all this, both the nagios collector and the puppetdb rest API
only show the Nagios_host resources generated on the nagios server itself.

I'm sure this is a configuration or some other error on my part, but
honestly I'm at a loss where it can be. Any help is greatly appreciated.

David Thompson
Waisman Center Brain Imaging and Behavior Lab
1500 Highland Ave. Room T133
Madison, WI 53705-2280
(608) 265-6608
dthompson (at) waisman (dot) wisc (dot) edu

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