HI Dilip,
     Can you provide the puppet,conf file.
Check the parameter server = puppetmaster.example.org under the [main] section in puppet.conf file. Otherwise puppet client trying to connect
default host puppet when puppet agent being kick.

Thanks and Regards,
Rahul Khengare

On Thursday, September 26, 2013 12:54:54 PM UTC+5:30, Dilip Varma wrote:


I've done some cofiguration in /etc/puppet/manifests/site.pp file i.e

class toolbox {

file { '/usr/local/sbin/puppetsimple.sh':
owner => root,group => root,mode => 0755,content => "#!/bin/bash
apt-get install zip\n"
node 'admin.local' {
include toolbox


Here admin.local is my PUPPET AGENT..

my job is to kick this job to puppet agent from puppet master.for this i
have ran

*root@puppetmaster.example.org#puppet kick admin.local*
*Triggering admin.local
Host admin.local failed: Connection refused - connect(2)
admin.local finished with exit code 2
Failed: admin.local*

i got this error.
*Additional Info*:puppet master and agent are in the same network,pinging
each other and configured password less logins also..

Please find the attachment regarding the puppet error mentioned above.

Thanks in advance

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