I just worked this out shortly after my original post. The syntax I found
that works is

*'require' => 'Class[Couchbase::Server::Install]'*
On Monday, 2 September 2013 11:46:34 UTC-7, Guy Knights wrote:

I'm writing a test for a module which declares a service resource that has
a require parameter. However, when I run the test it throws an error on
this require as it seems that I have the syntax wrong. I've tried a few
different combinations but nothing seems to work. The error is below:

*/usr/bin/ruby1.8 -S rspec spec/classes/init_spec.rb
* 1) couchbase::server should include Class[couchbase::server::install]*
* Failure/Error: 'require' => Class['couchbase::server::install']*
* NoMethodError:*
* undefined method `[]' for Class:Class*
* # ./spec/classes/server_spec.rb:9*
*Finished in 8.95 seconds*
*3 examples, 1 failure*
*Failed examples:*
*rspec ./spec/classes/server_spec.rb:4 # couchbase::server should include
I tried enclosing the entire Class[] string in double quotes (leaving the
single quotes surrounding the class name) but then I get this error:

* 1) couchbase::server should contain Service[couchbase-server] with
ensure => "running", enable => "true" and require =>
* Failure/Error: )*
* expected that the catalogue would contain
Service[couchbase-server] with require set to
`"Class['couchbase::server::install']"` but it is set to
`Class[Couchbase::Server::Install]{:name=>"Couchbase::Server::Install"}` in
the catalogue*
* # ./spec/classes/server_spec.rb:10*
So I tried changing it to the exact syntax it mentions in the catalogue,
but it still doesn't work. What is the correct way to specify a require
parameter as part of a "with" chain?
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